10 Easy Work Hairstyles You Can Do in One Minute Flat

Women choose short hair in part to reduce the amount of time they need to spend getting ready every day. Take advantage of that low-maintenance length by going for a wet look.

Wet It and Forget It

Secure the end of your hair with a hairpin or little elastic near the ear on the opposite side to create a French braid or two-strand twist that goes from one temple to the other.

Braided/Twisted Front

Adding volume to short hair is one of the simplest ways to style it for work. A light mist and a few strategically placed curls can drastically alter the look of your hair if you have length on top.

Add Volume

To liven up your short hairstyle, add some waves and structure. Use a 2 inch curling iron to add volume and loose waves to the entire

Short Wavy Hair

For lob haircuts, your childhood hair accessory is a great way to add gloss and control in seconds.


Only the medium hair type seems to find this work look challenging. Divide your hair in half lengthwise and plait each side separately (low or French braids, it doesn't matter).

Braided Bun

Using a hairpin or barrette, tie a portion of hair around the temple by twisting it around your fingers several times.

Quick Temple Twist

It's ideal for filthy hair that needs to be slicked back into a ponytail. Secure hair with elastics and pinch to create a bubble.

Bubble Braid

Replicating this runway-ready outfit is surprisingly simple, despite its stylish appearance. Use a silk scarf to secure one end of a low ponytail.

Scarf Braid

Another elegant yet carefree glamorous look is: Simply push a small portion of your hair behind your ears and fasten it in place with hairpins.

Easy Sweep With Hair Pins