10 Fast-Food Sandwiches From the 80s That Have Vanished

McDLT (McDonald s)

This double cheeseburger's separator supposedly prevented lettuce, tomato, and mayo from sogginess. The 1984 McDLT was unique, but its complexity and high cost doomed it in the 1990s.

Pizza Hut s P Zone

A giant calzone with your favorite pizza toppings, the 1982 P'Zone was a handheld pizza masterpiece. The regional favorite couldn't compete with the classic slice, thus most menus eliminated it by the late 2000s.

Wendy s Super Bar

A customizable burger bar goes beyond lettuce, tomato, and onion. Think guacamole, pineapple, and jalapenos not today's simple choices. Wendy's Super Bar was discontinued in the early 1990s owing to logistics.

Hardee s Frisco Thickburger

This heart-pounding burger features two all-beef patties, cheese, bacon, and fried onion rings. The popular Frisco Thickburger disappeared in the late 2000s due to health concerns and changing tastes.

Burger King s Chicken Fries

These late 1980s fries were unconventional. Pressed, breaded chicken makes a crunchy side dish. In the early 2010s, high chicken prices and healthier options forced its elimination.

Arby s Roast Beef Sandwich with Curly Fries

It was simpler and bun-based in the 1980s, but Arby's roast beef sandwich remains. Fast food curly fries were popular throughout America. We now offer more sandwiches and curly fry dipping sauces.

Taco Bell s Fiery Rod Super Burrito

Taco Bell tested spicy heat in the 1980s. Ground beef, rice, beans, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and a spicy red sauce made the huge burrito difficult to complete.

KFC s Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The Colonel Sanders sandwich has honey barbecue sauce on crispy chicken breast. Honey BBQ is out of favor, but KFC is trying new chicken sauces and glazes, making fans sticky.

A&W s Coney Dog

A&W's Coney Dog had a steamed bun, hot dog, meat sauce, chopped onions, and yellow mustard. Hot dogs are A&W's specialty, but the Coney Dog seems to have been overtaken.

White Castle s Original Slider

Small, square The White Castle burger has been popular for decades. First-generation 1980s sliders were smaller. Steamed buns, thin beef patties, slivered onions, and a pickle made them bite-sized.