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10 Gorgeous Locs-inspired Wedding Hairstyles for Brides

Embellished, Cascading Spirals

Many brides let their locs fall straight down, but to elevate your style, why not add some curls. Start by priming your head of hair.

A Gilded French Braid

Locs are already brimming with texture, but for more depth and dimension, you can gather all of those smaller, twisted strands.

A Tiered Ponytail

hairstyle for your wedding, and they work perfectly with locs. While sweeping your strands on top of your head.

A Pearl-Studded Chignon

The middle of your scalp is one of the most elegant ways to style your locs, especially for long hair.

A Voluminous Top Knot

Style locs is twisting them into a high ponytail and forming a well-defined bun. That s essentially how this bride wore her locs.

A Coiffed Low Bun

Coiffed twist on your low-do, incorporate a few highlights throughout your bun for contrast and add pins shaped like hair.

A Textured Updo

Hairstyle that starts at the top of your head and stops at the base will make your tresses appear short.

Effortless Curls Topped 

If you want to welcome more texture, insert perm rods in damp or wet hair to create curls.

Gathered Tresses Featuring

Instead of using an elastic to produce a well-defined chignon, pin back a pile of your tresses to generate an effortless, dreamy style.

A Side-Pinned Cropped Style

The side and attaching a veil to the crown of your head. You can even let a few pieces fall across your forehead to frame your face.