10 Incredible Things You Can Afford Only as a Billionaire


Irresponsible poor people buy jetskis, people who make six figures rent boats, millionaires buy small yachts, and the uber-rich purchase superyachts! 

Trips to Outer Space

Thanks to companies like SpaceX, the ultra-wealthy can now take private trips to outer space. While exciting, these trips come with high financial costs and significant risks.

Private Islands

Billionaires can buy their own private islands, transforming desolate lands into personal playgrounds. These islands offer ultimate privacy and are a major status symbol.

Concierge Services

Imagine having someone handle all your reservations and plans. The super-rich enjoy dedicated concierge services that cater to their every need, saving them precious time.

Home Theater Releases

Wealthy individuals can watch new movie releases in the comfort of their homes. Specialized companies provide this exclusive service for a hefty fee, avoiding crowded theaters.

Private Airport Terminals

Rich people bypass the chaos of commercial airports by using private terminals. These luxury spaces offer access to private planes and ensure a stress-free travel experience.

Hiring Celebrities

Celebrities can be "rented" by the wealthy for special events like parties and weddings. This practice allows affluent individuals to mingle with famous personalities.

Owning Sports Teams

For the hyper-elite, owning a professional sports team is the ultimate wealth symbol. High-profile purchases, like those by Ryan Reynolds, highlight this extravagant trend.

Collecting Historical Pieces

Wealthy individuals are obsessed with owning historical artifacts and iconic memorabilia. Items like Marilyn Monroe's dress can fetch millions, showcasing their cultural significance.

Buying Free Time

The rich can buy what many of us crave: free time. By hiring teams to handle daily chores and tasks, they liberate themselves from time-consuming duties, enjoying a life of leisure.