10 Messy Foods You Should Always Eat Alone

Not only does chicken wing consumption encourage eating large quantities of them, but it's also exceedingly messy. Chicken wings are ideal for maniacs who love getting food and sauce all over their face.

Chicken Wings:

As one of the most obvious foods on this list, hot dogs should be eaten discreetly, lest you open yourself up to public ridicule. One person puts it all into perspective.

Hot Dogs:

Who was the genius who invented the hard-shell taco, also known as the food that bursts into a thousand tiny pieces all over your face and clothes as soon as you bite into it.

Hard-Shell Tacos:

I must be honest: You can only blame yourself if you start receiving unwanted attention while eating a chocolate-covered banana in public.

Chocolate-Covered Bananas:

Whether eating homemade cinnamon buns at a friend's brunch or Cinnabons at the airport, enjoying these decidedly unhealthy carbohydrate bombs in public is never a good look.

Cinnamon Buns:

I never knew how much I wanted to embarrass myself in public until I learned about meatball buckets' existence. "Almost anything in a sports venue is exceedingly difficult to eat with dignity.

Meatballs Served in a Bucket:

I feel bad for this man who has had countless negative experiences eating mangoes. "It's like the lobster of fruit," describes one millennial. 


A staple at county fairs across the country, nothing is less dignified than embracing your inner fat slob and indulging in a deep-fried turkey leg.

Turkey Legs:

Nobody can deny that burritos are one of the most messy foods. Single ladies, beware! "Burritos are delicious, but they are a fourth-date food, minimum," reports one perpetually-single lady.


There isn't a more gluttonous food than baby back ribs. From licking your fingers to getting BBQ sauce all over your face, eating baby back ribs is a decidedly disgusting experience for anyone near you.

Baby Back Ribs: