10 Rarest Cattle Breeds in the World

Texas Longhorn Cow

Originating from a blend of Iberian and Indian breeds, these cattle boast impressively sized horns, growing up to seven feet in length.

Ankole-Watusi Cow

Hailing from Africa, these cows sport horns that can reach up to eight feet in length.

Highland Cow

Adapting to the cold climate of Scotland, Highland cows feature a thick, shaggy coat, making them resilient against harsh weather conditions.

Belgian Blue Cow

This breed stands out for its unusual double-muscling trait, resulting in about 20% more muscle mass than average cows.

Zebu Cow

Originating from South Asia, Zebus are characterized by their prominent hump and dewlap.

American Brahman Cow

Developed in the United States from zebu cattle, these cows feature long ears and thick hair, enabling them to withstand heat effectively.

Dexter Cow

Known for their compact size, Dexter cows are ideal for small farms, offering manageable milk production and meat yield.

Miniature Belted Galloway Cow

Affectionately known as "Oreo cows," these miniature cattle sport a black coat with a distinctive white belt.

Miniature Jersey Cow

Standing at just three to 3.5 feet tall, miniature Jerseys are gentle and mild-mannered, making them suitable for small farms.

Panda Cow

Exceptionally rare, these cows bear striking similarities to giant pandas, with distinct black eye patches and a white belt around the middle.