7 Curly Bob Ideas That Will Convince You to Go Short

Adding fringe to your curly bob is a fun and new way to personalize your haircut. To get the best bangs, you need to pay close attention to how long your face is.

Full Fringe Curly Bob

We love how Meagan Good looks with this curly, very well-defined bob. Sims says it's a great choice for people with finely curly hair because having short hair makes it look like it has more volume."

Defined Curly Bob

The uneven wavy side bob that Halle Berry wears is a cool take on the classic bob. This is the perfect style to frame her face because of the defined wand curls that fall across one side of her face.

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

One look that Nazanin Mandi has worn for a long time is curly bobs. You'll need a ½-inch curling wand and a one-inch curling wand to get a bob as full as hers.

Fluffy Curly Bob

It might look crazy to have a very short bang and a bob that ends at the chin, but Sophia Roe's unique style shows that the two can look very stylish together. People with thick hair should try this style.

Bold and Bouncy Curly Bob

Mica Arganaz's messy, curly bob hairstyle looks very easy, but the layers and light brown highlights make it look better. "People with fine hair may look like they have more volume with this style."

Tousled Curly Bob

Yara Shahidi's bob haircut is one of our favorites because it is simple but classy. Take a cue from the actor and part your hair to the side to make bangs that don't cover your whole face.

Perfected Curly Bob