7 Easy Work Hairstyles You Can Do in One Minute Flat

To speed their daily preparation, ladies choose short hair. Use the wet look to highlight your low-maintenance length. Slick damp hair back and behind the ears. A little gel secures everything.

Wet It and Forget It

We adore simple work braids. This method may change your game if your bangs aren't cooperating: You may French braid or two-strand twist your hair from one temple to the other.

Braided/Twisted Front

Add volume to short hair for work to make styling easy. A few strategically placed curls and a little spray may transform long tops. While brushing, use a curling iron or crown rollers.

Add Volume

Waves and texture provide character to short hair. A 2-inch curling iron creates loose waves and volume in hair. Keep your ends straight without the curling iron for a natural appearance.

Short Wavy Hair

For lob haircuts, your favorite childhood hair item is still one of the easiest methods to provide shine and control in seconds. Brush hair, put a headband around it from temple to temple, and maybe spritz with hairspray.


This medium hair work look seems hard. Part your hair down the center and braid both sides (low or French braids). Put the ends together and twist them into a nape bun. With a hair elastic, secure the bun foundation.

Braided Bun

A few stray hairs acting up? No issue. Secure a temple portion of hair with a hairpin or barrette after twisting it around your fingers several times. Put your hair in a sloppy bun or tousle it.

Quick Temple Twist