7 Foods and Drinks to Avoid in Your 60s

High-Sodium Foods

Cut back on the salt shaker post-60 to avoid exacerbating health issues like hypertension. Recommended sodium intake: under 1.2 grams per day.


This stimulant disrupts sleep, heightens anxiety, and can cause irregular heartbeats for seniors. Limit intake to promote better health.

Raw or Undercooked Foods

Avoid undercooked eggs, meat, poultry, and sushi after 60 to prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain good health.

Alcohol Use Among Seniors

A concerning trend: 20% of adults aged 60-64 and 10% of those over 65 report binge drinking. Limit alcohol intake for better health outcomes.

Grapefruit and Medications

Be cautious if taking medications; grapefruit can enhance drug potency, potentially leading to hazardous effects.

Fried Foods

Resist the temptation of fried foods after 60. High in saturated fats and empty calories, they can negatively impact health.

Sugar-free Drinks

Artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose offer sweetness with few calories. Use sparingly to avoid potential health risks.