7 Most Beautiful American and Global Views

With its pastel-painted houses and cobblestone streets, Charleston exudes Southern charm and history. Compact and easily explored on foot, it boasts districts like the French Quarter and Battery

Charleston, South Carolina

Savannah's cobblestone streets and haunted architecture transport you to the early 1700s. The city combines historic charm with modern creativity from institutions like the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Savannah, Georgia

Known for its coffee culture and stunning natural scenery, Seattle offers a vibrant cityscape amidst the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Must-see spots include Pike Place Market and the iconic Space Needle.

Seattle, Washington

Anchorage is an adventurer's paradise, surrounded by rich wildlife, nature trails, and glaciers. It's also a cultural hub, boasting artists and musicians who contribute to its warm hospitality.

Anchorage, Alaska

Chicago's skyline, adorned with Art Deco buildings, stands tall next to Lake Michigan. From the Magnificent Mile to Millennium Park, the city offers a blend of urban life and green spaces.

Chicago, Illinois

Honolulu offers a blend of natural beauty and city life, with stunning coastlines and bustling urban areas. Must-visit spots include Hanauma Bay and the historic Iolani Palace.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Beyond its famous casinos, Las Vegas dazzles with its vibrant lights and natural wonders like the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. Fremont Street offers a glimpse into the city's rich history.

Las Vegas, Nevada