7 Of The Best Mini Motos Ever Made

Invented by Mickey Rupp, who established Rupp Industries to manufacture go carts, the Rupp Black Widow is among the most uncommon micro motorcycles on this list.

Rupp Black Widow

Early in the 1970s, Harley-Davidson was beginning to feel anxious. Though not as badly as it would have in the 1980s, the flood of less expensive Japanese motorcycles into the United States

Harley-Davidson MC-65 Shortster

In 1975, Suzuki debuted the CRO 75, which was given its moniker from the phrase "motocross," after maybe observing the success of its competitors in the tiny bike market.

Suzuki mini CRO 75

In an attempt to match Suzuki's success, Yamaha likewise ventured into the dual-sport micro bike market. Additionally, they had the ideal rival for the CRO75 when they unveiled the GT80 Enduro. 

Yamaha GT80 Enduro

Today, the Honda Monkey is experiencing a new era of revival because Honda brought it back to considerable acclaim in the critics' eyes in 2018.

Honda Monkey Z50A

The conversion of the Honda Super Cub into the full-on trail bike, the CT90, was another of Honda's incredible achievements. It's been proven that there would be no CT90, or Honda Trail for that matter, if not for Herb Uhl. 

Honda Trail CT90

Not all little motorcycles were dual-sports. They were all different sizes and forms. For instance, Yamaha's YSR50 from 1986 was the smallest of sport bikes.

Yamaha YSR50