7 Stylish Bobs to Rock This Year

French bob

I think Parisian or French hair is now about seeming easy and making a cut's imperfections great.

Side-parted bob

Switching your parting to the side is a simple, free approach to transform your style. 

Micro bob

Whether you're growing out a pixie cut or looking for a simple, ultra-short style, the micro bob is stylish. 

Wavy bob

Wavy bobs may be dressed up or down and suit any style, whether you wear them in tousled beach waves or with an S-wave.

Italian bob

A chin-skimming length that is easy and refined, like its namesake nation. The razor-cut Italian bob looks best when it's not "done."

Long bob

The lob, a more forgiving bob, is ideal for rounder features and a risk-free approach to try a shorter haircut. 

The blunt bob

From Hailey Bieber and Scarlett Johansson to Emma Stone and Cara Delevingne, blunt bobs have been a favorite celebrity style this year.