8 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Decor Ideas to Try Right Now

DIY a Headboard

Fabric-covered headboards are fancy yet pricey. To save money, create your own if you're handy. Craft a gorgeous headboard like this green velvet one using a staple gun and fabric.

Install a Mural

Since wallpaper is expensive, why not use a wall mural if you love the style but can't cover all four walls of your bedroom? This flat room's black and white nature-themed painting is detachable and glows behind the bed.

Design a Stellar Storage System

Why not create a wardrobe if you have limited closet space? This one is created with IKEA parts, but new hardware and luxury picture frame moulding make it seem unique.

Paint an Arch

Want to liven up your bedroom while using up paint? Use an arch design like this to add visual appeal to your bedroom. As seen above, painting one behind your bed provides a false headboard.

Make Your Own Art

Create your own art instead of buying it for hundreds of dollars! Choose a blank canvas from the craft shop and experiment with abstract designs you can't go wrong.

Switch Out a Light Fixture

If builder-grade light fixtures are blanding your bedroom, replace them with your style. Shop at secondhand shops and online to save money; the top item was found on Facebook Marketplace.

Shop Your Fabric Drawer

Drape cloth over your headboard to update it without replacing it. You'll feel like you've added something new.

Stencil Your Wall

Paint and stencils may transform your walls. This gives the look of wallpaper but may be painted over if your taste changes.