8 Delicious Types Of Pancakes Around The World

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes, called pannkakor, are thin and delicate like crepes. They were provided as a delicacy on Thursday evenings after pea soup before a Friday fast in the Middle Ages.

American Pancakes

Your favourite pancakes. Light, fluffy, thick. Usually with maple syrup and butter. Breakfast restaurants big and small and your kitchen probably provide American pancakes.

Japanese Pancakes

This texture comes from beating egg whites into a meringue. Souffle pancakes have gained popularity worldwide, notably in the US.

Hungarian Pancakes

They come sweet or savoury, but this My Gourmet Connection dish has lemon cottage cheese and raspberry sauce. Budapest restaurants usually offer pancakes for dessert.

Korean Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes are frequently served as a side, appetiser, or snack due to its savouriness. Add scallions and dip in hot garlic-ginger or soy sauce for the whole experience.

Austrian Pancakes

Austrian pancakes are called kaiser, meaning emperor. Kaiserschmarrn is typically served with plum compote or apple sauce for sweetness, like Plated Cravings' version.

Matcha Pancakes

Matcha pancakes are a trendy twist on Japanese souffle pancakes. Just One Cookbook's matcha pancake recipe combines airy Japanese pancakes with earthy, bitter matcha powder.

Greek Pancakes

Many Greeks claim their pancakes were the first recorded! Mia Kouppa suggests serving her dish with honey, mizithra cheese, or plain.