8 Grocery Items Most Should Avoid Buying

Paper Towels

Upgrade to eco-friendly 'un-paper' towels made from flannel washable, cost-effective, and planet-friendly.

Cleaning Supplies

Switch to concentrated cleaners like Dr. Bronner s Sal Suds for potent cleaning power at a fraction of the cost.

Toilet Paper

Install a bidet and opt for environmentally friendly bamboo TP in bulk from Grove for sustainable savings.

Plastic Containers

Replace flimsy grocery store containers with sturdy options like Snapware stackable, durable, and hassle-free.

Zip-Top Bags

Choose durable reusable bags from Grove for lunches, saving money over time with their durability.

Trash Bags

Stock up on Costco s bulk-packaged trash bags affordable and ideal for recycling and composting efforts.

Plant Food

Avoid grocery store markups on synthetic fertilizers; opt for quality plant food from nurseries or co-ops.

Feminine Products and Diapers

Plan ahead and save on essentials by exploring alternative retailers beyond the grocery aisle.