8 Nail Art Hacks That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Mani

Apply the lightest color as the base coat on your nails first. Using a toothpick, mix the two polishes together on a level surface.

For cool DIY designs, apply a base color to your nail polish and then draw straight lines on it using a thin sharpie.

Fasten a rubberband around the center. To create tension on the band, loop one end over your thumb. Then, align the other end over the top of your nail to form the French tip shape.

Dip a little paintbrush into nail polish remover to remove any excess polish that may have gotten on your cuticles.

Just apply some polish to the paper towel and dab it onto your manicure that has dried.

Wrap your nails in foil for ten minutes after soaking a cotton pad in acetone nail paint remover and placing it on your nail.

It removes easily and doesn't adhere to your nail paint like other tapes do.

Dip the end of a toothpick or an orange stick into your topcoat. It will grasp the stud and allow you to maneuver it to any desired location on the nail.