8 Plants to Add Instant Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home


Roses may seem expensive, but they're simple to cultivate and timeless. There are approximately 100 shrub rose species in various colors, shapes, and sizes.


Lilac bushes are beautiful and fragrant blooming shrubs. Good thing they're simple to care for. Lilacs need just irrigation during droughts once established.


Hydrangeas are available in over 75 vivid blue, pink, green, and white varieties. A interesting tidbit about the popular big-leaf hydrangea: Changing soil pH changes blossom color.


Rhododendron azaleas are a typical front-of-house plant. Their spring blossoms are brilliant pink and stay for weeks. Many Southern gardens plant azaleas


Gardenias are as popular in fragrances as they are in front yards due to their intense flowery scents. If you're prepared to labor a little, this evergreen shrub makes a dramatic accent to any front yard landscaping.


Lavender lines flower beds and sidewalks well despite its modest profile. Lavender will provide color and aroma to your yard, making a pleasant impression on guests.


Lilac and forsythias are olive family blooming plants. Forsythias, with their long branches and brilliant yellow blossoms, seem like trees and may grow to 10 feet tall and wide.


After some initial care, the plant won't need much watering and will bloom boldly from late autumn to early spring and for years to come.