8 Signs You Lacked Affection While Growing Up

If expressing your feelings feels like learning a foreign language, you may have been neglected as a child. Learning is never too late! It's normal to experience and express emotions. Mastering this ability may need therapy, but it's worth it.

You Find It Really Hard To Express Your Feelings.

This may indicate that you were not praised enough as a child. Your worth is based on how you see yourself, not others' opinions. Learning to stand on your own two feet is essential.

You Crave Other People s Approval.

Lack of affection in your childhood may make it hard to build deep connections. Not being used to physical displays of affection or letting others get to know you might be hard. Okay, though. Building trust takes time, so it's okay to start small.

Intimacy Is A Struggle At Times.

Everyone gets rejected, and it doesn't define you. Your amazingness will be noticed by the right people. Before receiving yes responses, every successful or happy person on Earth heard no several times.

Your Fear Of Rejection Is Strong.

Being independent is good, but being too independent may suggest you learnt to rely on yourself as a child. Perhaps you had to become a parent or were neglected, forcing you to grow up too young. Let others help you sometimes. We all need occasional assistance.

You re A Bit Too Independent.

If accepting affection from others feels awkward, you may not have received enough as a child. When you're not used to positive reinforcement, hearing someone express their feelings for you feels strange. You deserve love, and it's alright to embrace it.

You Find It Hard To Accept Love.

You lacked encouragement, support, and validation, so you never knew whether you were doing it right. You can do more than you think. Be confident in your abilities and praise yourself.

You Experience Constant Self-Doubt.

If you separate yourself often, it may be related to early rejection. You get used to being alone if you grew up doing so, and being with others feels awkward and unpleasant. Remember, you may connect with others. A world of friendships awaits.

You Tend To Isolate Yourself.