9 Beautiful Snake Species Around the World

Sri Lankan Pit Viper

Endemic to Sri Lanka, this species sports a green and black coloration with males displaying a blue tint and females appearing more green. Their venomous bite, containing hemotoxins, poses a threat to humans.

Asian Vine Snake

With a vibrant green body, this snake showcases geometric patterns when threatened. Found across Southeast Asia, it resides in trees and poses no harm to humans despite its venom.

Green Tree Python

This snake, known for its vivid green color, inhabits tropical rainforests and hunts at night for small mammals and reptiles. Its prehensile tail aids in climbing trees, and it's nonvenomous.

San Francisco Garter Snake

Considered one of the most beautiful serpents in North America, this snake's striking color pattern includes dark orange, turquoise, and black. Harmless to humans, it preys on fish and frogs near water bodies.

Eyelash Viper

Named for its protruding scales above the eyes, this venomous snake comes in various colors and resides in forests from Mexico to Colombia. Despite its venom, it poses little threat to humans unless provoked.

Banded Sea Krait

Found in tropical waters, this snake has distinctive black bands and a yellow marking across its lip. It hunts in the ocean and can hold its breath for extended periods, posing minimal threat to humans.

Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Known for its iridescent scales, this boa inhabits rainforests and uses constriction to kill prey. Nonvenomous and primarily brown, females tend to be larger than males.

Formosa Odd-Scaled Snake

With rainbow iridescence, this snake is nocturnal and feeds on earthworms and slugs. Nonvenomous and docile, it is small, not exceeding three feet in length.

Scaleless Corn Snake

A genetic mutation results in this snake lacking scales, making its skin feel smooth. Popular as pets for their docile nature, corn snakes, including the scaleless variety, are nonvenomous.