9 Easy Ways To Get The Best Beachy Waves Ever

How to Get Curling Wand Beach Waves

Curling irons and wands are the most common technique to get beachy waves. If you have curls, straighten them first. To avoid tighter curls, separate your hair into large pieces.

How to Get Loose Beach Waves

A curling iron like this T3 SinglePass one may be easier than the wand approach. The approach for generating loose waves in this video is simple and foolproof.

How to Get S-Shaped Beach Waves

A ceramic flat iron and heat protectant may produce lovely, s-shaped beachy bends in a few easy steps. Straighten curly hair first.

How to Get Overnight Beach Waves

Nap to ocean waves talk about beautiful slumber. Skip the hot tools and prep your hair at night when it's 90% dry.

How to Get a Basic Flatiron Wave

When meant to straighten hair, using a flatiron to curl it is hard to fathom. While contradictory, flatiron waves are easy to perform for a reason.

How to Get Headband Beach Waves

For an undone, beach-ready style, twist and wrap your hair around a cotton headband like Kenz Laurenz.

How to Do Beach Waves On Short Hair

Textural waves on even the shortest haircuts may be achieved with practice. A flick of the wrist and a one-inch curling iron do it.

How to Get Beach Waves In Five Minutes

This trick can assist if your thick hair makes it hard to section or reach the back. Plus, it saves big time. Use a heat protection and segment your ponytail. 

How to Get Beach Waves With Braids

This Beachwaver video from celebrity hairdresser Sarah Potempa explains how to create a crown braid and beach waves.