9 Lush Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Front Yard Refreshes

Landscape experts created this home's gardens to look good year-round. For instance, Limelight Hydrangeas were put in pockets to hide their death.

Low-Maintenance Landscape

A lengthy pathway provides great views to the front entrance. This vacation home's front yard is accented with trees and vegetation.

Custom House Numbers

Unique details make a property stand out and are worth the investment. Spend on a custom-cut metal number plate. This number plate contrasts with the native stone retaining wall and matches the copper tones of large planting basins.

Bring on the Blooms

This lovely home's welcome mat is woven from cottage garden flora. Hydrangeas with Autumn Joy sedum are chartreuse in spring, but they become rose in autumn. White coneflowers and silvery lamb's-ears sustain this bloom symphony.

Sloped Yard Solution

Terraced planting beds control a sloping front yard. Even in winter, annuals, perennials, and evergreens provide interest. The same brown color on stairs, bedframes, and arching trellis beside the front yard patio helps plants show through the hardscape.

Inviting Stone Walkway

A winding bluestone path leads to this contemporary cottage's front door. Wide, smooth curves make mowing easy, and matching planters start and terminate the path and hold vivid flowers.

A Desert Oasis

This contemporary shed-style dwelling contrasts with the natural surroundings with strong lines. Cable deck railing matches the home's linear architecture and seamlessly connects inside and outside.

Lakeside Landscape

Visitors to a lake retreat see a natural scene like the forest. Rhododendrons and azaleas bloom seasonally, while evergreens sparkle year-round. A little water garden with native, moss-covered stones adds water sounds to the weekend getaway.

Go Green in Style

HGTV Magazine highlighted this 1937 house with informal landscaping. Boxwoods and other evergreens complement the yellow home's yellow facade and shutters and door's vivid green.