9 Short Haircuts for Round Faces That Stylists Love

Clippered Pixie

Carey Mulligan's cropped cut is stylish and carefree, fitting for any setting. "One of my favorite edgier styles for round face shapes is the clippered pixie."

Finger Waves

Don't be alarmed if going short makes you feel uneasy. Danielle Brooks is an example of how a close crop can be empowering and fashionable.

Stick-Straight Bob

Rounding out the ends of a traditional stick-straight bob will add intrigue to it. Invest in a shine spray to give hair a glossy finish, then use a round brush to mimic the style.

Short and Natural With Headband

Lupita Nyong'o is an example of how a thick hairstyle may make the face appear wider. Here, a headband pulls back her natural hair to create even more attention.

Tousled Pixie

The thick, curly strands of Jennifer Hudson's hair are ideal for a pixie cut. A pixie can cut style time in half, and sometimes even more, by eliminating weight and length from hair.

Shaggy Mullet

Although mullets sometimes receive a poor rap, Miley Cyrus shows that the style can be elegant. Request layered hair that frames the face and jagged, eyebrow-grazing bangs from your stylist.

Faux Lob

If you're hesitant to chop off your hair, try feigning a long bob, often known as the lob, like Priyanka Chopra Jonas. It's simple.

Angled Lob

Depending on how it's styled, Taraji P. Henson's go-to hairstyle may be either dramatic or gentle.

Long Layers With Blunt Ends

If you're not sure you want to chop off all of your hair, try cutting it short with layers, like Elizabeth Olsen did, to get an idea of how it would look.