9 Simple and Cute Nail Designs to Try at Your Next Appointment

Glitter Stars

Create glossy, glittery stars with small triangles connected, offering sparkle without the need for full star designs.

Flame Tips

Refresh the French tip with lively flames, experimenting with white or vibrant neon and primary colors.

Pastel Hearts

Embrace a sweet design reminiscent of Valentine's Day candy with pastel-colored hearts, a charming alternative to traditional red and pink.

Green and Gold Accents

Add elegance with gold and green accents on nail tips, offering an intriguing negative space design.

Yellow Half Moons

Enhance a subtle manicure with pops of color by filling in half moons at the nail base, featuring yellow as the standout shade.


Achieve the perfect amount of bling with heart-shaped jewels and golden starbursts, creating eye-catching nail art.

Blooming Flowers

Explore bold colors and a blooming gel base, allowing colored dots to expand and disperse to form petals for a fun design.

Gel Fruit

Transform translucent gel hues into adorable fruits with green polish accents, adding a playful touch to neutral or bright nail bases.

Racing Stripes

Anyone who enjoys a traditional French tip will be delighted by this creative take. For a sporty style, concentrate double white lines to the left of your nail rather than creating a whole arch at the top.