Annie Potts says she was 'shocked' by Young Sheldon cancellation: 'Such a stupid business move'

Annie Potts, who is still recovering from Young Sheldon's cancelation, knows goodbyes are hard.

Potts and costar and young Sheldon Iain Armitage discussed CBS' decision to discontinue the series after seven seasons.

Potts said, "Pardon my ignorance. When a program lags or lacks storylines, you can see it coming. This blindsided us completely."

Armitage claimed "we could have done a lot more" with the presentation. He said, "I totally get what Annie means.

In a funny sense, it's impossible to see until I stand back and take a global picture, which is challenging. I won't see Annie Potts daily. A tremendous loss for me.

In November, CBS confirmed that The Big Bang Theory prequel will end with its seventh season. Executive producers Steve Holland, Steven Molaro, and Chuck Lorre stated.

Variety said the program concluded production last week. Potts said she's "really, really, really emotional" about it. It's been half Ian's life and a 10th of mine, but at 70, that feels big.