How Can You Create Your Own Mulch?

Perhaps some little animals are to blame for the peeling bark fragments that are strewn all over your yard?

Branches, Bark, and Even Pine Needles

This is a terrific way to recycle your old papers (no more than 1990) if you still enjoy receiving your newspaper delivered in print without having to leave your home!


Cut them up with a lawnmower over a 2-inch spread. Alternatively, use hedge trimmers, but make sure the leaves are no larger than a dime.


Although grass-based mulch is the most effective, it has significant drawbacks. Keep your clippings dry and pesticide-free. 

Grass clippings

The best compost for mulching is aged compost, which has turned black. Once compost is ready for your yard, the stench should be gone.


A heartleaf philodendron in a white and beige pot on a wood-legged white plant stand against a white wall.