Most Popular Guys Haircuts for College

This unique choice allows for experimentation the comb-over can be curly or straight, but the straight one is more common.

Long loose comb-over

Although not for lazy lads, the haircut is a low maintenance worldwide style that works for any occasion. Essential for busy students!

The everlasting crew cut

Fade haircuts are a terrific way for students to express themselves and exhibit good taste, but they require a skilled barber.

Haircuts with a fade effect on sides

This amazing hairdo helps Afro- and Latino-Americans express themselves without having to change.

Long curly afro

This attractive and practical hairdo makes it a classic for many girls except PE classes.

Soft curls

Girls can dye their hair green, blue, purple, or yellow without shame when they're not in college? Experience your uniqueness now.

Straight colored hair

The beautiful, frothy Parlor palm (Chamaedorea elegans) swings its green, fern-like fronds in the slightest wind. 

High ponytail

This is a terrific alternative for young ladies that is rarely used but can bring originality and practicality to your clothing.

Wearing headbands