Scotland's First Minister Sends Direct Message to Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform three shows in Edinburgh this upcoming weekend, bringing her history-making tour to Scotland's capital city.

Performance Schedule

Scotland's First Minister, John Swinney, sent a warm welcome to Swift with a direct video message posted on X on June 5.

Warm Welcome from First Minister

Swinney expressed his excitement about hosting Swift and her fans, affectionately known.

Message to Swifties

Swinney humorously suggested that Swift should visit Loch Tay, calling it "Loch Tay Tay" and highlighting it as one of the most beautiful.

Recommendation to Visit Loch Tay

Swinney assured that Swift and her fans would receive a very warm welcome in Scotland, with the local community excited.

Warm Reception Promised

Officials have stressed the importance of adhering to safety procedures put in place for the sold-out shows.

Safety Procedures Emphasized

Fans were advised to only travel to Scottish Gas Murrayfield and the surrounding area if they have a ticket.

Travel Advisory for Fans