The 8 Best Cat Breeds for First-Time Owners

Large, affectionate cat breed with dog-like traits. Gets along well with children and other pets. Weighs 9 to 18 pounds and requires regular grooming due to long hair.

Maine Coon:

Cuddly and affectionate cats that enjoy being around people. Quiet and docile, yet playful. Weigh up to 20 pounds and need regular combing due to medium-length hair.


Vocal, friendly, and affectionate breed. Lean body, weighing 6 to 14 pounds with short hair requiring low-maintenance grooming. Intelligent and playful but can be demanding of attention.


Easygoing and loving companion. Enjoy playing and cuddling. Shy with visitors but affectionate with family. Low-maintenance grooming due to short coat and low energy levels.

Exotic Shorthair:

Quirky personality with adorable folded ears. Curious, outgoing, and loyal. Tends to bond with one person. Tolerant of children, affectionate, short and stocky, weighing up to 13 pounds.

Scottish Fold:

Cuddly and affectionate nude breed. Social, playful, and enjoys being close to humans. Requires frequent bathing but no cat hair to worry about. Weighs up to about 12 pounds.


Friendly and social companion. Playful and curious with long lifespans. Weighs 6 to 15 pounds, tolerant of kids and other pets. Short coat requires minimal grooming.

American Shorthair:

Not a specific breed but beloved for their unique personalities. Visit local shelters to meet adoptable cats and learn about their traits. Each cat is unique, with individual quirks and preferences.

Adult Rescue Cat: