The 9 Dog Breeds To Avoid If You Have A Tight Budget In 2024

Not only are these dogs very small—they stand six to nine inches tall and weigh three to six pounds—but they also tend to live very long lives, often up to sixteen years.

1. Chihuahua

During the 1800s, this tiny puppy was bred to kill rats and chase rabbits for fun. The Manchester terrier still has hunting traits and may chase small animals, but mostly it's just interested.

2. Manchester terrier

These perpetually cheerful and affordable pups come in two different sizes: One variety stands just under 13 inches and weighs in at 20 pounds. The other is between 13 and 15 inches tall and up to 30 pounds.

3. Beagle

There is a possibility that the German wirehaired pointer may become your new hiking companion if you have a passion for the great outdoors and are seeking for a dog that is able to adjust to many kinds of weather.

4. German wirehaired pointer

Do you know that Dalmatians are born with a completely white coat? Around the time that they are two weeks old, they begin to develop their distinctive markings. Something else that is fascinating to know is that the Dalmatian was designed to run.

5. Dalmatian

The border collie, which is currently considered to be one of the most intelligent and gorgeous black-and-white dog breeds, was once known as sheepdogs until 1915, when the breed standard was formed and the border collie was given its current reputation.

6. Border collie

When word got around in the mid-1800s that Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium had a cute black dog breed, everyone wanted one of their own. After all, who can resist an adorable dog that looks like a black fox

7. Schipperke

This dog's flat face makes everything too cute. Pugs are a cheap dog breed, even though we would pay a lot of money for their smushed faces and cute lines. In fact, "multum in parvo," which means "a lot in a little," is the pug's slogan.

8. Pug

It's clear why Queen Elizabeth likes corgis so much. This type of dog is very friendly, calm, and loving. The royal corgis may have it easy, but their ancestors had to work hard to take care of farmers' sheep in South Wales.

9. Pembroke Welsh corgi