The 9 Tiniest Species on Earth

Vaquita means little cow in Spanish, an appropriate name for the smallest member of the Cetacean family, which includes whales, porpoises and dolphins.


Vechur cows, the smallest cattle breed in the world, are indigenous to Kerala, India.They are named after the village where they are believed to be from.


The world s smallest antelope happens to live in the rainforests and savannas from Ghana to Sierra Leone in Africa. 

Royal Antelope

The world s smallest wild cat is found only in India and Sri Lanka, with a few to be found in Nepal.They can be found in dry and bamboo forests, grasslands and rocky slopes. 

Rusty-Spotted Cat

smallest species of rabbit in North America, the pygmy rabbit is typically found in a sagebrush ecosystem. They dig their own burrows,they use burrows made from other species.  

Pygmy Rabbit

In fact, it is smaller than the human hand and is rarely seen, even in its ocean habitat off the coast of Colombia and Venezuela.

Dwarf Lantern Shark

One of the more unusual creatures on the planet, the pink fairy armadillo only lives in central Argentina and is the smallest armadillo species in the world.

Pink Fairy Armadillo

They are tree-dwelling creatures that can jump through rainforest understory up to 66 feet from ground level.unlike other primates, they do not have prehensile tails.

Pygmy Marmoset

One of the smallest turtles found in North America, the Bog Turtle is easily recognized by the orange patches on the sides of its head. 

North American Bog Turtle