The 9 worst movie remakes of all time

Jack Huston plays Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince wrongfully convicted of treachery by his adoptive brother (Toby Kebbell), in this version of William Wyler's 1959 epic religious film.

Ben-Hur' (2016)

The 1991 Kathryn Bigelow crime drama made over $103.5 million, making it one of the decade's most memorable films.

Point Break' (2015)

The movie follows the daughter (Yifei Liu) of an honored warrior who disguises herself as a man to fight the Rouran army in Imperial China.

Mulan' (2020)

Teenagers Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson and a newly returned Iraq War veteran Chris Hemsworth flee to the woods and create a freedom warrior organization.

Red Dawn' (2012)

A young man who returns from Afghanistan after losing his brother in combat, into a bizarre and twisted paranoia.

Jacob's Ladder' (2019)

Total Recall, like many similar remakes, is pointless. The 2012 action sci-fi film starred Colin Farrell but was disappointing.

Total Recall' (2012)

The original RoboCop, filmed by Paul Verhoeven in 1987, is a 1980s classic. A cop is fatally killed and regenerated as a cyborg with suppressed memories in dystopian Detroit.

RoboCop' (2014)

John McTiernan's sci-fi sports film Rollerball, based on William Harrison's short story "Roller Ball Murder," took a different approach to Norman Jewison's 1975 film.

Rollerball' (2002)

Most psychological horrors pale in comparison to Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic Psycho, therefore many think it should be forgotten.

Psycho' (1998)