These Are the Most Effective Pilates Moves for Every Muscle in Your Core

Try exercises like Pilates Hundred, Roll-Up, and Double Leg Stretch to target this muscle group.

Rectus Abdominis (Six-Pack Muscles)

Engage this muscle with moves like the Pilates Scooter, Plank variations, and the Pilates Swimming.

Transverse Abdominis (Deep Core Stabilizers)

Work these muscles effectively with exercises like Side Plank, Criss-Cross, and the Side Bend.

Obliques (Side Waist Muscles)

Strengthen your lower back with movements such as Swimming, Swan Dive, and Single Leg Kick.

Lower Back (Erector Spinae Muscles)

These are engaged in nearly every Pilates exercise, but specific moves like Pelvic Curls and Leg Circles with a Magic Circle can help target them more directly.

Pelvic Floor Muscles