Top 10 States With The Most Cougar


Wyoming has around 2,000 cougars. Moreover the state s rugged terrain and vast wilderness areas provide an ideal habitat for these predators.


Washington also hosts approximately 2,000 cougars. The state's diverse landscapes, from the Cascade Range to dense forests.


Idaho, with its sprawling forests and mountainous regions, is home to about 2,000 cougars. Generally the state's vast wilderness.


Nevada has around 2,200 cougars. Generally the state s arid deserts and mountainous regions provide a suitable habitat for these adaptable.


Oregon supports a cougar population of about 2,500. The state's forests, mountains, and coastal areas offer diverse habitats.


Colorado also has about 3,000 cougars. The state's mountainous terrain and vast wilderness areas, including the Rockies, are perfect.


Montana is home to approximately 5,300 cougars. The state's expansive wilderness areas and mountain ranges provide an excellent habitat.


Texas tops the list with around 5,607 cougars. The state's vast size and varied landscapes, from deserts to forests, support the largest.

California  Couger

California has a significant cougar population, estimated at 4,000. The state's diverse ecosystems, from coastal ranges to the Sierra.

Wrapping  Couger

Wrapping these states offer the space and resources cougars need to thrive. If you re interested in observing these magnificent