Which Dog Breeds Are Not Suitable for Families?


This sassy and confident dog is the epitome of a big personality in a small package. While chihuahuas can be affectionate with their owners.

 Chow Chow

Aloof, serious, and intelligent, the chow chow is a unique breed with ties to ancient China. They are affectionate with their humans.


The Akita is a dignified Japanese dog that is extremely loyal, confident, and energetic. This breed is more independent and doesn t typically.

Cane Corso

These dogs are known for their bodyguard behavior, intelligence, and affectionate personality. 


Sophisticated, regal, and loyal, the Pekingese is a dog of royal status from ancient China. They are a compact toy breed with a big personality.

Australian Cattle Dog

Related to the dingo, the Australian cattle dog is a smart, resilient, and vigilant herding breed. These dogs were bred for tough jobs and have extremely high energy.


Greyhounds are energetic, friendly, and independent. Known for their impressive speed, this breed needs a lot of exercise and features a high prey drive.